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“We are a non-profit organization, aiming to help all artists to accelerate their skills, to attain funding needed for growth, to volunteer in helping the community, and to spread the word of our efforts.”


Wanda D. Jefferson founder of wandasncredible.org

Founded since 2017

Japan,Mauritius,World Wildlife Foundation and….Whales? — Zen Mauritius

Moby Dick is only fiction why are we still trying to replicate Ahab? In 1986 in response to declining population of whales, The International Whaling Commission issued a temporary global prohibition on commercial whaling. Countries such as Iceland, Norway and Japan signed up to the moratorium but under certain reservations. These countries still perform whaling […] …

“Publish Your Book” Podcast Starts TODAY !

Attention all Future Authors ~~!!!!! If you or someone you know may be thinking of writing your own book the new “Wanda Jefferson” podcast channel is for you. Check it out on Messy.fm and it is posted on my personal page on Facebook, IG, Twitter,Tumblr and wandasncredible.org The podcast channel’s new series ” Publish Your Book” started …

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