No.4 of 4 FREE Credit Tips

⭕️3/17 Freebie Credit Tip⭕️

Get in touch with each creditor left on your reports. If there are any discrepancies tell them. Talk to each and every creditor and find out if interest could be lowered and/or payment could be negotiated per month.

With a few additional steps and time your credit will be in the greatest place it has ever been on this date next year.

I will be teaching a full comprehensive program next year. If you have any doubt in my program try just the tips I shared. I guarantee your score will show a difference if applied. I also can guarantee that most would NOT share these secrets because they want to either overcharge you to help or lie to you about it being too complicated for you to handle yourself.

My guarantee for my course:

In three months, I can guarantee a level score. In 6 months good score and in 12 months a great one. For more info, questions, comments or concerns contact me via messenger… otherwise…See ya in class !!!

P.S. if I get enough requests for a class this year I may teach it so if you want to learn in 2018 let me know. Classes are not free, I have creditors too 😎 but I will also not break the bank. My upfront nature doesn’t start or end with cash…neither should your credit repair.

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