Welcome to wandasncredible.org

Greetings & Welcome to wandasncredible.org

This particular website will be a non-profit organization helping small businesses and artists on a grass roots level. I am planning to partner with investors, feature businesses on the website, have membership availability, scholarships, loan links, sponsorship’s,contests,volunteer services, and have opportunities for free stuff and/or workshops/training.I will also have a FREE monthly magazine for it featuring artists that, I’ve interviewed or did features with in the past ( on wandasncredible.wordpress.com) and new ones going forward.

My many steps to success are ( in no particular order):

  • To make this a legal non-profit organization with the state of Pennsylvania and with the IRS
  • To create bylaws
  • To create a mission statement
  • To set up my board of directors
  • To find funding with investors, partnerships, grants, and etc
  • To find those in need of help and to offer it to them through advertisements and good old fashioned hitting the pavement
  • To make whats needed available to those individuals
  • Expanding my efforts with volunteering in the community
  • Offering membership to the organization and accepting donations
  • Bringing the message of wandasncredible.org to all media outlets including television, radio and an online free magazine

I am already interviewing partners and coming up with the many ways that opportunities can be offered to those who are starving artists and/or new to business, so stay tuned and if you have any questions or features you feel are lacking in most organizations, suggestions are welcome.

wandasncredible “Helping others is helping our future”

Non-Profit Information

I am embarking on a quest to gather all the info I need for this non-profit organization. I am making this specific post to not only evaluate the information myself but to also list it and get input on what anyone else thinks could make this simpler or better.




wandasncredible.org “Helping others helps our future”